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When you look at the Digital Marketing courses in Pune, we are the name where you can stop your search. Alive digital is a place where you not only learn you breath Digital marketing it is one of the fastest growing ways to express and reach to people easily.

More than 3 billion people are now using the Internet,1.17 Billion People Use Google Search and an average person spent 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms.So we have lots of opportunities to utilize these platforms for Marketing. For that purpose, we are here to make you perfect in this Digital Marketing Program. We sharpen you, enlighten you and help you to enhance your Digital Marketing skill sets on Techno-Social Platforms.

We have a young, enthusiastic, talented and experienced team of people having more than 5 years of experience to assist you, help you guide you in any scenario; because making money is not our agenda Making you compatible for Industry is our motto.

Digital Marketing Course Outline

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The Most Detailed Digital Marketing Course Content Available

Website Creation

  1. What is website
  2. How to register website
  3. What is domain and hosting
  4. Different domain extensions
  5. WordPress framework introduction
  6. Basic website designing
  7. Introduction to wordpress plugins and extensions used for SEO
  8. HTML Basics
  9. Responsive website
  10. Pre website analysis

Search Engine Optimization

On Page Optimization 

  1. Meta tag and image optimization
  2. Permanent and temporary redirection
  3. txt
  4. Sitemap(xml and html)
  5. Keyword planner tool
  6. HTML text ratio
  7. Engaging content writing
  8. Keyword placement
  9. Page rank
  10. Heading tags and Anchor tag
  11. Common SEO tools and plug-in
  12. List of general ranking factors
  13. Competitive analysis
  14. Post website analysis
  15. Google algorithms

OFF Page Optimization 

  1. Internal and External linking
  2. Blog creation and posting
  3. Local Directory listing
  4. Business listing
  5. Forum creation and commenting
  6. Free classified ads
  7. Social bookmarking
  8. Article/ doc/pdf submission
  9. Press release submission

Web Analytics

  1. Long term statistics
  2. Examine visitors Activities
  3. Audience location
  4. Behaviours
  5. Content with popular keywords
  6. Visitors flow charts
  7. Study engaged traffic
  8. Back links via referrals
  9. Social media flows
  10. Goal setting and conversion tracking
  11. Annotations
  12. Goals and funnels
  13. Locate your bounce pages
  14. Visitor frequency
  15. Page specific metrics
  16. Real time analytics
  17. Custom Reporting
  18. Multi-channel funnels

Info-graphics Creation Tools

  1. Comic strip creation – storyboard
  2. Creating info-graphics/ image creation –
    • canva
    • befunky
    • picmonkey

Social Media Optimization

  1. What is social media?
  2. How can it help me/my business?
  3. Correct use of social media
  4. Conversions, relations with customers and transparency
  5. Key social media tools and networking sites(fb,linkedIn,Twitter)
  6. Types of posts
  7. Research methods for writing quality and updated content
  8. Social media tools(hoot suite)
  9. Creating user interactive fan page
  10. Building quality connections and getting recommendations from others
  11. How to use different groups- drive traffic and discussion
  12. Correct use of statistics of your page
  13. How twitter works?
  14. Creating hash tags and trends
  15. How to develop social media strategy for driving paid campaigns
  16. Building brand using social media
  17. Creating new customers and keep them engage.
  18. How to add and watch your competitors on fb
  19. Connect with right audience
  20. Setting up organic strategy for LinkedIn
  21. How to find new potential prospects and target new business using advanced search facility in LinkedIn
  22. An introduction to YouTube
  23. How to optimize YouTube channel
  24. How to edit , create upload video on YouTube
  25. How to work with YouTube audience

Social Media Marketing

  1. Introduction to Fb ad manager
  2. Power editor
  3. Custom report building and its use for next campaign
  4. 4different level of ads (campaign=>ad set=>ad=>creative)
  5. Setting narrow targeting according to once requirement
  6. Learn to bid with Facebook
  7. Building brand using ads
  8. Learn different objectives of fb ads
  9. Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
  10. Setting up ad campaign with LinkedIn
  11. How to monetise your video on YouTube
  12. YouTube ad formats
  13. YouTube analytics and insights
  14. Video bidding
  15. Driving visitors on your website through YouTube
  16. Video bidding

Search Engine Marketing

  1. Ad words account setup
  2. Billing and payment in ad words
  3. Creating live campaign
  4. Understand different ad types
  5. Pricing model
  6. Ad page rank
  7. Creating ad groups
  8. Effective creative making
  9. Bidding strategy for cpc
  10. PPC cost formula
  11. CPC,CPM,ECPC,CPA bidding
  12. Conversion tracking
  13. Ad words editor
  14. Text, Image, Video Ad formats and guidelines
  15. Quality score and its importance
  16. Remarketing
  17. Ad delivery
  18. Network and devices
  19. Defining strategy for Campaign
  20. Demographic bidding
  21. Ad words editor
  22. Google my client center

Mobile App Creation & App Store Optimization (ASO)

  1. Why Mobile App?
  2. App Creation tools
  3. Introduction to .apk file
  4. Google play Console
  5. How to upload app in Google play store
  6. Definition – ASO
  7. Goal of ASO
  8. Effective ASO
  9. Organic Optimization
  10. ASO Tips

Email Marketing

  1. Introduction to Email Marketing
  2. Best 5 things you can do with Email and Email Marketing
  3. Email Marketing Strategies
  4. Learn to setup Email Delivery Infrastructure (MailChimp)
  5. Conversion Oriented Mailers
  6. Understanding conversion and performance matrices.
  7. Schedule Email campaign.
  8. Tracking of Email campaign

Analyzing Email campaign.

Affiliate Marketing

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing
  2. Different Affiliate Programs
  3. Business Basic Payment methods
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages

Google AdSense

  1. What is Google AdSense
  2. How to join AdSense
  3. Become GDN partner with Google
  4. Get approve your website for displaying Google ads
  5.  How much money you can make through AdSense
  6. How does Google choose which advertisements to display?

Ad serving tools (openx)

  1. Introduction to different ad server tools
  2. Brief about openx & Ad server basics and installation

Social Media Influencer

  1.  What is Social Media Influencer
  2. Types of Social Media Influencer
  3.  How to become successful Social Media Influencer
  4. Earning from Social Media Influencer

WordPress 2.0

  1. Advance WordPress Website Design
  2. Importance of WordPress 2.0
  3. Difference between WordPress & WordPress 2.0
  4. Paid WordPress Theme & Plugins
  5. When to use premium theme
  6.  Lightweight WordPress Themes
  7.  Website Page Builder
  8. WordPress security Plugin
  9. WordPress speed optimization plugin

Tools for Marketers

Some Useful Google Tools for Marketers

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Google Trends
  3. Google Alerts
  4. Google My Business

Growth Hacking

  1. what is growth hacking
  2. growth hacking techniques
  3. growth hacking strategies
  4. 4-5 case studies

Case Studies

  1. 4-5 case studies will be discussed
  2. Work on live projects
  3. Google analytics and ad words certificate practice would be taken
  4. Class certificate will be provided
  5. Internship Project assignment

Entrepreneurship Guidance

  1. What to sell to whom at what cost?
  2. Become a Successful Entrepreneur in Digital Marketing

Mock Interview Preparation

  1. Writing resumes for Digital Marketing Job
  2. Importance of coming across as a professional
  3. Preparing through mock interview sessions
  4. How to deal with uncomfortable questions comfortably
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